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Abstract #0673

PERMEATE: High temporal resolution multi-echo/multi-slice dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion imaging using GRAPPA EPI

Newbould R, Skare S, Alley M, Clayton D, Bammer R, Lansberg M, Albers G
Stanford University

A high temporal resolution dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion sequence is presented, which collects multi-slice and multi-echo volumes with a high temporal resolution, about 1s in clinical practice. A multi-shot interleaved EPI sequence is used, allowing self-calibrating parallel imaging within a volume. Data acquisition is ordered to allow each shot to be reconstructed into a full dataset, or combined for increased SNR. Several echoes are collected in each volume, allowing ΔR2* calculation unbiased by T1 effects or the need for baseline acquisitions. CBF and CBV maps have been calculated from both stroke patients and volunteers.