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Abstract #0679

Sentinel node imaging of the breast in mice using a dual-labeled nano-sized MRI/near infrared (NIR) optical hybrid contrast agent, G6-Cy5.5

Kobayashi H, Koyama Y, Hama Y, Brechbiel M, Choyke P, Bernardo M, Talanov V, Regino C

The presence of lymph node metastases greatly affects prognosis of breast cancer patients. Current methods do not allow for real time surgical guidance. We have synthesized a single hybrid probe, which could be used for MRI and near infrared (NIR) optical imaging of the sentinel node for preoperative and intraoperative localization. The SLNs of the breast tissue could be easily identified using the G6-Cy5.5 agent with MRI and during surgery with NIR optical imaging. The signal arising from SLNs on MR were sufficient for identifying the SLN.