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Abstract #0692

An Application of Highly Constrained Backprojection (HYPR) to Time-Resolved VIPR Acquisition

Johnson K, Wieben O, Velikina J, Mistretta C
University of Wisconsin - Madison

We present an application of the new Highly Constrained Backprojection (HYPR) method to 3D time-resolved VIPR acquisition. HYPR is a simple non-iterative backprojection algorithm that uses a composite image obtained from all of the acquired data to constrain the backprojection process. This significantly reduces streak artifacts and increases the SNR. The application of HYPR to time-resolved VIPR acquisition allows increasing the undersampling factor from the present value of 50 up to 600. This improvement can be used to increase the number of time frames, decrease the number of projections per time frame and overall scan time while maintaining the SNR.