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Abstract #0695

Rapid MR Imaging with ""Compressed Sensing"" and Randomly Under-Sampled 3DFT Trajectories

Donoho D, Pauly J, Lustig M
Stanford University

A rapid imaging method that exploits sparsity or compressibility of MR images using randomly under-sampled 3DFT trajectories and ""Compressed Sensing"" reconstruction is proposed. Indeed, pure 2D random sampling is impractical for MR hardware, however, randomly under-sampling the phase encodes in a 3D Cartesian scan is practical, involves no overhead, is robust, simple to implement and is purely random in two dimensions. Moreover, scan-time reduction in 3D Cartesian scans is always an issue. A 5-fold scan time reduction in Magnetic Resonance Angiography is demonstrated. Finally, a method to evaluate the effective randomness of a randomly under-sampled trajectory is presented.