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Abstract #0726

Asymptomatic members with SOD1 mutation in a large kindred with familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis have abnormal water diffusion characterisitcs

Li G, Yang E, Ho J, Ho S, Lee R, Song Y, Chan K, Cheng T, Leong L, Ng M
The Jockey Club MRI Centre, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam

DTI was carried out in FALS/SALS patients and familial members with SOD1 mutation (AFALS) who may be in a pre-symptomatic phase of ALS. The changes in FA and TT were investigated in CBT/CST and in whole brain. In FALS/SALS, diffusion pattern changes were found in cerebral peduncle, internal capsule, sub-cortical white matter, cerebellum and frontal lobe while in AFALS, abnormal pattern could also be detected in the cerebral peduncle, cerebellum and frontal lobe but with a smaller extent. Our study indicates that DTI can show early diffusion changes in members with SOD1 mutation in FALS prior to symptom-onset.