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Abstract #0731

A Novel Approach To Accurate 3D High Resolution And High SNR Fetal Brain Imaging

Glover A, Jiang S, Xue H, Rutherford M, Hajnal J
Department of Radiology Hammermsith Hospital

We present a novel method to reconstruct isotropic high resolution 3D images of fetal brains in-utero. After continuous scanning to acquire a repeated series of parallel slices using single-shot FSE, image registration is used to correct for fetal motion. Compounding of multiple images increases SNR, so imaging parameters can be chosen to provide high resolution at the expense of SNR in individual images. The method has been tested on adult and neonatal brain images, and on two normal fetuses imaged at 1.5T. In all cases self-consistent 3D brain images with anatomical details clearly visible in all planes were successfully reconstructed.