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Abstract #0755

Prognostic power of DCE-MRI heterogeneity analysis in patients with advanced solid tumours

Watson Y, Mullamitha S, Cheung S, Roberts C, Parker G, Buonaccorsi G, Jackson A, Davies K, Ton C, Broughton L, Power F, Jayson G, Beckman R
University of Manchester

22 patients were enrolled for a dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE)-MRI study of the effects of a novel antivascular agent. Although no clear drug effect was discernable, we observed that small differences in average tumour microvascular characteristics were present that distinguished patients with progressive disease from those with stable or better disease. Widespread differences of large magnitude between these groups were apparent on histogram analysis, indicating the importance of accounting for intra-tumour heterogeneity when interpreting the findings of DCE-MRI studies. We conclude that heterogeneity in DCE-MRI parameters is of potential prognostic value.