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Abstract #0760

Use of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI to Predict Drug Uptake in Patients

Campbell M, Judson I, Workman P, Leach M, Tracey M, Lee C, Payne G, Oregioni A, Walker-Samuel S, Darcy J, Collins D
Cancer Research UK

Detection and prediction of drug delivery to target tissues is of crucial importance in treating disease. We have investigated whether the vascular parameters derived from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI predict uptake of an agent currently in phase 1 clinical trial (SR4554), as measured with 19F MR spectroscopy. Good correlations are observed between drug delivery and dynamic contrast enhanced derived vascular parameters Ve (r=0.828, p=0.022), KTrans (r=0.741, p=0.057), rBV (r=0.812, p=0.026) and rBF (r=0.910, p=0.044).