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Abstract #0769

Auditory-Language Networks involving the Superior Temporal Gyrus: Patterns of Connection and Lateralization

Alexander D, Wheeler-Kingshott C, Luzzi S, Ciccarelli O, Lambon Ralph M, Watson Y, Haroon H, Parker G
University College London

To date, neuroanatomy of the human brain has only been inferred from either studies in non-human primates or from the results of functional neuroimaging studies. We have used probabilistic tractography, incorporating crossing fibre information, to assess anatomical connection of human superior temporal gyrus (STG) in vivo. We provide evidence for parcellation of the human STG according to auditory/language connections that show close compatibility with invasive non-human primate studies. We also present evidence for clear lateralization of intra- and extra-STG anatomical connection involved with some aspects of higher auditory/language processing, whilst demonstrating no structural lateralization of connections serving primary auditory processing.