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Abstract #0777

Continuous-Wave MRI of Short-T2 Solid Materials

Lurie D, Fagan A, Davies G, Hutchison J
University of Aberdeen

Many solid materials exhibit extremely short T2 relaxation times, which may be as short as 10-20&[mu]s in rigid solids. This makes them impossible to image by standard pulsed MRI. We have developed a solid imaging technique based on continuous-wave (CW) detection, which has in practice no lower limit on the T2 of the solid being imaged. CW-MRI was implemented at 7T (300 MHz). One-dimensional projections are obtained by sweeping B0 through resonance in the presence of a continuously-applied gradient. Stepwise rotation of the gradient through 180&[deg] allows image reconstruction from the projections. 2D and 3D images of rigid solids have been produced.