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Abstract #0782

3D Prepolarized MRI with RARE

Conolly S, Matter N, Scott G, Venook R, Ungersma S, Grafendorfer T, Macovski A
University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University

Prepolarized MRI (PMRI) with pulsed electromagnets has the potential to produce diagnostic quality 0.5-1.0 T images with significantly reduced cost, susceptibility artifacts, specific absorption rate, and gradient noise. We describe the use of three techniques to achieve efficient, artifact-free RARE in PMRI: electro-motive force (EMF) cancellation during field ramping, phase compensation of CPMG echo trains, and quadratic nulling of concomitant gradient fields. We demonstrate the use of prepolarized RARE to acquire in vivo wrist images with T1 and fat-suppressed T2 weighting using clinical resolution and scan times.