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Abstract #0785

Combining PET and MRI - Challenges in Developing an MR Compatible PET insert

Catana C, Cherry S, Judenhofer M, Walton J, Wu Y, Pichler B, Peng B, Willig-Onwuachi J
University of California, Davis

PET and MRI are two widely utilized imaging techniques that are largely complementary in the information they provide. Integrating PET and MRI into a single system may benefit a range of existing studies where data from both modalities is required, and may also lead to new applications in molecular imaging. We are building a PET scanner insert for preclinical MRI systems by using field-insensitive position sensitive avalanche photodiodes coupled, via short lengths of optical fibers, to arrays of LSO scintillator crystals. The fibers are used to minimize radiofrequency interference between the RF and gradient coils, and the PET detector system.