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Abstract #0811

High Resolution Thoracic and Neurovascular 3T MRI for the Comprehensive Assessment of Inflammatory Disease

Markl M, Langer M, Hennig J, Uhl M, Wieben O, Bley T
University Hospital Freiburg

A new MR protocol for the combined assessment of thoracic and neurovascular arterial anatomy and subsequent evaluation of inflammatory disease in cranial vessels walls at 3T has been investigated. Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography and additional pre- and post contrast T1 weighted turbo spin echo imaging permits the depiction of large parts of the thoracic and neurovascular geometry with large coverage in combination with the assessment of morphology and potential inflammatory changes in cranial artery walls with high, sub-millimeter detail. The feasibility for the diagnosis of rheumatologic diseases and potential for the identification of simultaneous arteriosclerotic involvement was demonstrated in seven patients.