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Abstract #0821

Improved identification of true hot-spots in intra-axial neoplasms by coregistration of blood volume maps and morphological data

Nedregaard B, Due-Tonnessen P, Emblem K, Bjornerud A, Hald J, Jacobsen E
Rikshospitalet University Hospital

One challenge with tumor grading based on relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV) maps is to identify the true tumor volume avoiding large vessels and edema. This study used rCBV maps derived from first-pass gradient echo perfusion MR as coregistered overlays on both morphological T1-w SE and T2-w FSE images in patients with intra-axial tumors. The preliminary results of this ongoing study shows that this method has the potential to be an important aid in differentiating vessels from true high rCBV regions.