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Abstract #0838

Functional evaluation of the postoperative gastrointestinal tract using kinematic MR imaging: Quantitative assessment of peristaltic activity

Nishino M, Iwata S, Hayakawa K, Kanao S, Morimoto T, Mukaihara S, Hatabu H
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Kyoto City Hospital

Assessment of peristaltic activity in reconstructed gastrointestinal tract is difficult without an established quantitative method. We aim to demonstrate the feasibility of kinematic MRI in visualization and evaluation of peristaltic activity of reconstructed gastrointestinal tract. We studied 16 patients with gastrointestinal reconstruction. In all patients, kinematic MRI demonstrated peristaltic activities of the reconstructed gastrointestinal tracts, and the frequency and velocity were measured. Kinematic MR imaging is feasible for visualization and evaluation of peristaltic activity in the reconstructed gastrointestinal tract with quantitative measurement of frequency and velocity, providing a novel and simple technique for evaluating surgical effects of gastrointestinal peristaltic function.