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Abstract #0843

Preliminary evaluation of MR diffusion-weighted imaging in diagnosing pancreatic carcinoma

Tang L, Sun Y, Li Y, Zhang X
Beijing Cancer Hospital & Peking university School of Oncology

The purpose is to evaluate the efficacy and limitation of DWI in diagnosing pancreatic carcinoma. Twelve pancreatic carcinoma patients and 12 healthy volunteers underwent MR DWI scan with 1.5T MR system, b=0, 800s/mm2. The SIR and CNR of tumors in DWI image were higher than that in T1WI and T2WI. The ADC of tumor was higher than peri-tumor pancreas. When ADC of 1.3010-3mm2/s was chosen, the sensitivity and specificity of diagnosis were 75% and 62.5%, respectively. DWI and ADC are useful to diagnose pancreatic carcinoma .The main limitations are the relatively small volume of pancreas and the signal heterogeneity.