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Abstract #0846

The utility of TrueFISP in abdominal imaging: analysis of vascular assessment and liver lesion detection

Radulovic D, Kirkpatrick I, Kroeker M, Pawlyshyn N
University of Manitoba

To study TrueFISP in assessing vasculature of the abdomen and detecting liver lesions, imaging of 143 patients was performed with post-contrast 3DVIBE and TrueFISP and HASTE acquisitions with either 7-10mm or 5mm slice thickness. Two blinded radiologists scored visualization of the aorta, IVC, splenic, hepatic, and portal veins. TrueFISP scored significantly higher at 5mm than at 7-10mm, and at 5mm were superior to 3DVIBE for all vessels (p<0.001) except the aorta. All 6 thrombi were seen with TrueFISP. Sensitivity for liver lesion detection was inferior to HASTE. TrueFISP offers a valuable alternative for vascular imaging in patients without intravenous access.