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Abstract #0857

Diffusion imaging using MinD SAP-EPI

Skare S, Newbould R, Clayton D, Bammer R
Stanford University

MinD SAP-EPI stands for Minimum Distortion Short-Axis readout Propeller EPI. It is based on a new propeller EPI design with readout along the short-axis of the blade to reduce distortions. To reduce distortions further, GRAPPA with R=4 was used on a 4-shot DW SAP-EPI. Combining SAP-EPI with R=4, gives about 12 times less distortions. Finally, by identifying propeller blades pairs, oriented 180 degrees apart, distortion & motion correction was performed on the magnitude blade pair images using RGPM. After correction, the two blade pairs are averaged and Fourier transformed back to k-space for simultaneous regridding.