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Abstract #0860

Hyperpolarzied 129Xe Human Gas Exchange at 0.2T with XTC

Ferrigno M, Patz S, Muradian I, Hrovat M, Butler J, Topulos G, Ketel S, Ruset I, Covrig S, Hersman F
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Xenon Transfer Contrast (XTC), developed by Ruppert et al (MRM 51:676-687,2004), has been used to measure gas exchange, i.e. 129Xe diffusion from alveolar gas to lung parenchymal tissue, in animal lungs. This method provides an indirect measure of gas exchange from alveoli to tissue by looking at the modulation on the gas phase signal after applying multiple 180's to the dissolved phase. Here we modify this method to allow all data to be acquired in a single breath-hold and also report the first human pulmonary gas exchange results with this method.