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Abstract #0887

Integrated Brain and Biplanar Spinal Cord MRI using Parallel Imaging and Multi-Array Coil Technology

Weier MD K, Naegelin MD Y, Hirsch J, Thoeni A, Kappos MD L, Leppert MD D, Radue MD E, Gass MD A
University Hospital Basel

We investigated the sensitivity and potential gain of combined brain and fast spinal cord imaging schemes. Brain and entire cord MRI with high resolution sagittal and transverse MRI was performed in a cohort of 256 MS patients. A SIEMENS 1.5T Avanto unit with TIM and parallel imaging techniques, both essential for the fast and complete assessment of the whole neuro-axis was used. Additional transverse MRI adds further information as some focal lesions can be detected, that are difficult to visualise on sagittal slices and that diffuse signal change can be ascertained or detected.