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Abstract #0891

Retinotopic Mapping of Human Visual Cortex using Arterial Spin Labeling

Liu Z, Hu X
Emory University, WPI & UMass Medical School

Retinotopic mapping using BOLD fMRI has been well established. BOLD offers high sensitivity but low spatial specificity due to its susceptibility to large draining vessel contamination. Perfusion fMRI might provide complementary data and potentially may even result in more accurate retinotopic map. We acquired human retinotopic mapping using both pulsed ASL (PASL) fMRI and BOLD fMRI and compared them. Different visual areas were detected successfully using both fMRI methods. General overlap of activated voxels in two methods is about 65% and in V1, overlap is up to 96%. Reliability study of PASL shows comparable true detection rate relative to BOLD.