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Abstract #0901

Brain 1H MRSI and Formal Thought Disorder in Pediatric Complex Partial Epilepsy

O'Neill J, Levitt J, Lanphier E, Bailey C, Gurbani S, Alger J, Caplan R
UCLA NPI Child Psychiatry

MRS abnormalities are known in childhood epilepsy, but are understudied in relation to use of language to organize and formulate thoughts, formal thought disorder (FTD). We acquired 1H MRSI (TR/TE = 2300/272 ms) from widespread extrafocal brain regions in children with Complex Partial Seizures (CPS) and age-matched controls. In CPS, below-normal NAA/Cr and NAA/Cho and above-normal Cr and Cho were registered in bilateral parietal lobes and right striatum. In CPS in left parietal lobe, cortical NAA/Cr and white-matter Cr correlated with FTD. Extrafocal neuron damage (NAA) and gliosis (Cr, Cho) in pediatric CPS may contribute to thought disorder.