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Abstract #0906

Brain Metabolite Changes Detected by MRS in Early Onset Type-1 Diabetes

Boyce D, Jackson G, Werther G, Wellard R, Rankin D, Northam E
Royal Children's Hospital

The biological correlates of subtle neuropsychological deficits observed in early-onset diabetes are not understood. This study aimed to use MRS to examine differences in brain metabolite profile on frontal lobe, temporal lobe and basal ganglia of a cohort of type-1 diabetics 13-15 years after diagnosis, compared to a matched control group. Short echo single voxel MRS, recorded at 3T, showed increased myoinositol in all regions, reduced NAA in frontal lobe and basal ganglia and increased total choline in frontal lobes. The observed metabolite differences suggest that region-specific long-term cellular changes accompany the neuropsychological deficits recorded in the patient group.