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Abstract #0908

Biochemical and Anatomical Characterization of Minimal HE

Thomas A, Kumar R, Huda A, Sawale B, Liu S, Binesh N, Han S
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine

Sixteen patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy (HE) and eighteen healthy controls were investigated using T1-weighted MRI, T2-weighted MRI and single-voxel-based 2D L-COSY. 2D spectra were recorded in the frontal and occipital regions, and neuropsychological tests. MRI of HE patients showed 23% increase in the globus pallidus signal intensities and increase of T2 in the frontal and occipital white matter. 2D MRS of HE showed significantly elevated combined glutamate and glutamine to creatine ratios, as well as reduced ratios of choline, taurine and myo-inositol compared to controls. Our preliminary data report both biochemical and anatomical changes in minimal HE patients compared to controls.