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Abstract #0933

Longitudinal study of the development of beta-amyloid plaque burden in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimers disease, using in vivo magnetic resonance imaging

Alia A, Verbeek F, de Groot H, Braakman N, Matysik J, van Duinen S, Schliebs R
Leiden University

The development of non-invasive in vivo methods for imaging Alzheimer's pathology, such as A&[beta] plaques, has been a major challenge in recent years, with several groups developing magnetic resonance imaging methods for the visualization of A&[beta]. In this study we focus on developing magnetic resonance micro-imaging (&[micro]MRI) as a diagnostic tool for longitudinal studies to evaluate the progression of AD. So far longitudinal studies were only possible by studying different animals from different age groups. &[micro]MRI presents the unique possibility of studying the development within the same animals, over time.