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Abstract #0961

Multicomponent T2 analysis of rat brain and spinal cord at 9.4 T

McCreary C, Kelly D, Tomanek B, Foniok T, Kirk D, Dunn J
University of Calgary, University of Calgary

Rat spinal cord and brain T2 values at 9.4T were quantified. Although historically single exponential analysis has been used to quantify T2, there is increasing evidence that in vivo T2 is better determined through multi-exponential analysis. We used multiple processing methods to determine the impact of single or multi-exponential analysis for T2 quantification. These results show that for most brain regions at 9.4T, two decay functions account for the shape of the decay curve. The average T2 of rat cortex was 48.81.8 ms with single exponential and was a combination of 2615 and 5215 ms for a double exponential fitting.