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Abstract #0971

T2* Relaxometry for Quantitative MR Imaging of Iron Deposits in Substantia Nigra of Parkinsons Disease Brain

Kim S, Kim E, Lee J, Byun H, Lee W
Samsung Medical Center Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine

There has been great interest to quantitatively measure the brain iron content using MRI. The iron deposit in the brain is known to be associated with physiology and functions of many diseases. In this study, we employed B0 corrected T2* mapping to patients with Parkinsons disease to see whether the T2* can effectively reflect the iron content accumulated in the brain due to pathologic condition. The T2* values in the substantia nigra are shorter for idiopathic Parkinsons disease patients than for controls. The result of this study suggests us a potential of the T2* relaxometry as a diagnostic imaging method.