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Abstract #0979

A 3T MRI study of brain iron deposition in Parkinsons Disease and MSA Patients using PRIME

Wallis L, Paley M, Griffiths P, Joy H, Grunewald R
University of Sheffield

Brain iron deposition was measured in relation to the pathology of Parkinsonfs Disease (PD) and multiple systems atrophy (MSA). Seventy scans were obtained on a 3T system using a partially refocused interleaved multiple echo (PRIME) sequence to yield R2 and R2* (and hence R2) values for regions of interest within the basal ganglia. Patientsf movement severity was assessed off medication. R2 values showed significant relationships to symptom severity and disease duration in differential locations between the two patient groups. R2f measures may therefore aid understanding of the disease processes and help to assist diagnosis of the more rare condition MSA