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Abstract #1022

Reproducibility of Tractography Results: Turboprop-DTI vs. Spin-Echo Echo-Planar DTI

Arfanakis K, Gui M, Lazar M
Illinois Institute of Technology

The purpose of this study was to compare the intra-session and inter-session reproducibility of fiber-tracking results obtained from spin-echo echo-planar DTI (SE-EPI-DTI) and Turboprop-DTI datasets. It was demonstrated that the intra-session reproducibility of tractography results was similar for both Turboprop-DTI and SE-EPI-DTI data. However, the inter-session reproducibility was higher for Turboprop-DTI than SE-EPI-DTI data. This was due to the fact that the susceptibility-related distortions and artifacts, which affect tractography results in SE-EPI-DTI, depend on head positioning.