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Abstract #1079

Cortico-cortical connectivity revealed by DTI-based tractography

Huang H, Prince J, Carass A, Landman B, van Zijl P, Mori S
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Diffusion tensor imaging has been shown to be an effective way to delineate trajectories of the white matter tracts. Anatomy of large white matter tracts in deep white matter has been well documented in histology in the past and many of these tracts can be faithfully reconstructed by DTI-based fiber tracking. But little is known about the anatomy of subcortical white matter. The purpose of this study is to use tractography to identify reproducible short-range cortico-cortical fibers. To perform this study, the cortex in each subject was parcellated as regions of interest (ROIs) for fiber tracking, and the tractography was performed with brute force and multi-ROI line tracing method based on FACT. Ipsilateral and contralateral cortico-cortical connectivity were studied.