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Abstract #1088

Capacity Scores of Functional Synchrony in MCI subjects are Significantly Lower than in Age-Matched Controls Determined by ICA Analysis

Xu G, Li S, Xu Y, Wu Z
Medical College of Wisconsin

Studies have shown that the hippocampus is an important region involved in early Alzheimers disease (AD) onset. To test our hypothesis that the functional synchrony between the hippocampus regions and other brain regions is deteriorated in MCI subjects, we examined the resting state fMRI voxel time courses for mildly cognitive impaired (MCI) and age-matched control subjects. Independent component analysis (ICA) on spontaneous low frequency fluctuations revealed a significant decrease in functional synchrony among MCI subjects when compared to the controls. The capacity score was obtained as an indicator of functional synchrony and it could be served as a preclinical risk marker for AD.