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Abstract #1096

Fingerprints of Resting BOLD-based fMRI

Yeh T, Cheng C, Kuo W, Hsieh J, Ho L
Taipei Veternas General Hospital, National Health Research Institutes

A consistent and characteristic tripod pattern of resting rhythm has been detected by BOLD-based 3T fMRI studies of awaked human brains. Correlates of the tripod component involved posterior medial cortices (interpretation of environment), posterior lateral cortices, ventral medial prefrontal cortex (integration of information from internal/external environments) and dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (monitoring and reporting ones mental states). With spatiotemporal results of resting fMRI using independent component analyses, tripod signal components of different subjects were characterized by individual specificity and longitudinal reproducibility using correlation analyses and evaluation of Bhattacharyya distance. Furthermore, the existence of cerebro-prints (the fingerprints of brain) was proposed.