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Abstract #1098

Time-dependent Analysis of Functional Connectivity Using Low Frequency BOLD Fluctuations (LFBF) in Visual Areas

Rossmanith C, Gass A, Hirsch J, Lowe M
University Hospital Mannheim

Functionally related regions of the brain show synchronized low frequency BOLD fluctuations, as shown with BOLD MRI as well as with other techniques. Experimental studies suggest that these fluctuations reflect oscillations of neuronal activity. Current evaluation strategies in LFBF analysis focus on primary functional networks and calculate cross-correlation figures based on the condition of synchrony (functional connectivity MRI). We extended the fcMRI analysis into the time domain by estimating the time-dependent cross-correlation function. Preliminary studies in 6 normal controls reveal the impact of synchrony as well as the additional information when considering the time dependence of the cross-correlation function.