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Abstract #1100

Local Coherence as a Measure of Localized Co-ordination in the Brain: An Application to Anesthesia

Byas-Smith M, Sebel P, Hamann S, Deshpande G, LaConte S, Peltier S, Hu X, Kerssens C
Emory University School of Medicine

In this work, we introduce the concept of local coherence (LC) and demonstrate the utility of the concept with application to changes in the brain due to anesthesia. LC represents the average correlation a pixel has with its neighbors and is generated as a map over the entire brain. This is in contrast to functional connectivity which assesses the low-frequency correlation between anatomically distributed regions of the brain. Our results show that the LC in the brain decreases in the deep anesthetic state and partially recovers in the light anesthetic state except in the frontal areas.