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Abstract #1103

7 Tesla fMRI of Mental Maze Solving in the Human Superior Parietal Lobule using Parallel Imaging

Ugurbil K, Georgopoulos A, Jerde T, Van De Moortele P, Goerke U, Adriany G, Moeller S, Lewis S
University of Minnesota

We used a 7 T magnet and parallel imaging to show that single voxels in the human superior parietal lobule (SPL) are tuned for the direction of attention. Subjects mentally traversed four directions of a maze. Single voxels were directionally tuned, with approximately the same number of tuned voxels in each hemisphere. Preferred directions in the two hemispheres were distributed evenly across the 360-degree continuum. These results lay the groundwork for analyses of the functional representation of visuospatial information in the SPL, and they demonstrate the efficacy of imaging highly specific cognitive functions at high magnetic fields.