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Abstract #1135

Cortical activation associated with tactile movement in attentive subjects

Syed M, Benattayallah A, Fulford J, Summers I
School of Physics

In this study, moving tactile stimuli were generated by an array-stimulator (100-elements) placed under the index finger to produce virtual-touch sensations during fMRI. The present study compares activation from moving and stationary tactile-stimuli. Subjects were required to attend to the stimuli.Both the moving and stationary tactile-stimuli produce significant activation of SI, SII and the posterior parietal-cortex, in agreement with previous studies. For 320Hz stimuli, activation is significantly enhanced for moving-stimuli, compared to stationary-stimuli. A similar result was obtained from analysis of data pooled over 40Hz and 320Hz stimuli. For 40Hz stimuli an equivalent result was obtained at a lower significance level.