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Abstract #1141

A parametrized approach to BOLD calibration for the olfactory bulb

Schafer J, Xu F, Rothman D, Hyder F
Yale Medical School, Yale Medical School

BOLD calibration in the olfactory bulb is complex due to its highly laminar structure/function and inability to use prior methods (e.g., 13C MRS or hypercapnia) to provide additional measurements. Stimulation-induced change in the BOLD signal (δs) depends on activity dependent change in oxidative metabolism (δm) which is coupled with changes in blood flow (δf) and volume (δv). If δs, δf, and δv can be measured in a reproducible manner for the same voxels with different stimuli, then the BOLD signal can be calibrated by parametrization. Preliminary results of this new process for BOLD calibration are shown and discussed.