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Abstract #1168

Optimization of Contrast Medium Administration for First-pass Myocardial Perfusion at 3T MR System

Su M, Yu H, Chu W, Tseng W
Institute of Biomedical Engerening, National Yang-Ming University

Although administration of Gd-DTPA for first-pass myocardial perfusion study has been optimized at 1.5T, it may be different at 3T MR system due to inherent differences in T1/T2 relaxation times. In this study, we evaluated different protocols of contrast medium (CM) administration for myocardial perfusion at 3T MR system. We found that not only CM dosage but also injection duration were crucial to achieve linearity of CM dose with respect to SI and to maintain adequate bolus contrast. Our study suggests that Gd-DTPA of less than 0.05 mmole/kg and injection duration of less than 2 sec are optimum for quantitative analysis of myocardial perfusion study at 3T MR system.