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Abstract #1187

In vivo risk zone assessment in the rat at 1.5T using Manganese Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MEMRI).

Daire J, Costa-Jorge M M, Ivancevic M, Gunes Tatar I, Montet-Abou K, Morel D, Hyacinthe J, Valle J
University Hospital of Geneva

We examined the feasibility in manganese-enhanced MRI (MEMRI) of the risk zone assessment in the rat, based on a MnCl2 injection during and 6 hours after a coronary artery occlusion model at 1.5T. A clear deficit of enhancement was observed in all cases with a high correlation with the risk zone depict by methylene blue technique for group who received MnCl2 during occlusion and the infarct size measured by TTC for animals injected after occlusion. This work demonstrates the potential of MEMRI to assess the risk zone and not only the infarct area in rat at 1.5T.