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Abstract #1200

A Time-based Study of Changes in T1 and T2 Components in Excised Rat Myocardium

Seland J, Skarra S, Brurok H, Jynge P, Bruvold M
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Myocardial water is affected by different processes during ischemia. Cell swelling and contracture, alter distribution of myocardial water between the intracellular and extracellular compartments. This study aims to follow the progress of water redistribution by relaxographic measurements of multiple T1 and T2 components in excised rat myocardium. The use of T2-relaxography is promising in describing the status of ischemic progress and other processes altering the water distribution in biological tissue. Tissue-T1, influenced by the presence of ic Mn, could be used in combination with T2-relaxography to obtain information about equilibrium water exchange between ic and ec compartments during ischemic progress.