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Abstract #1210

Cardiac Function by SSFP MRI: Accuracy of measurement of left ventricular Ejection Fraction per slice number and location.

Fonseca C, Saleh R, Deshpande V, Laub G, Nael K, Finn J
David Geffen School of Medicine

Contouring of the left ventricular myocardium, on cardiac MR images, in order to measure ejection fraction can be a time-consuming and tedious process as there are often 6 or more short-axis image planes per data-set. We have found that contouring of as few as 2 representative short-axis slices generates a value for ejection fraction that is comparable to the value obtained by contouring 6 slices equally spaced from base to apex. This approach greatly reduced the analysis time, and may prove highly practical and time-saving in patients without marked regional variations in ejection fraction.