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Abstract #1214

Comparison of Echocardiography and MRI for measuring Left Ventricular Mass in the Rat

McCabe C, Gsell W, Mullin J, Macrae I, Dominiczak A, Gilday K, Gallagher L, Graham D, Beattie E, Condon B
Glasgow University

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the use of MRI for measuring left ventricular (LV) mass and to compare this with the most commonly used technique in animals: echocardiography. We found multi slice MRI analysis of LV mass correlated well with post mortem LV mass values while both single slice MRI and echocardiography resulted in a significant overestimation of LV mass. Single slice MRI gave significantly higher ejection fraction (EF) values compared to multi slice MRI analysis of EF. Further studies are required to establish whether such overestimations impact on echocardiographys sensitivity to detect changes with disease.