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Abstract #1217

Automated Adaptive Analysis of Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images of the Mouse Heart

Tang H, Azeloglu E, Chen R, Wu E, Chaudhry H, Gaudette G, Costa K
Merck Rearch Laboratories, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

The full potential of tagged MRI of the mouse heart for non-invasive evaluation of cardiac mechanics in transgenic animals has not been realized due to excessive user involvement with available image processing algorithms. Therefore, we developed an automated, rapid, high-resolution analysis technique, called High Density Mapping (HDM), that uses spectral correlation to efficiently quantify regional wall deformation, does not entail tracking of individual tags, and involves minimal user interaction. HDM analysis distinguishes regional mechanics in healthy and infarcted mice within 2 minutes. This new method may help promote the practical use of tagged MRI in mice and other species.