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Abstract #1222

Study of Myocardial Fiber Length Distribution with Diffusion Tensor MRI

Wu Y, Yang E, Wu E, Tang H, Ng M, Yang J, Tse H, Lau C
The University of Hong Kong

Diffusion tensor MRI (DTI) is a nondestructive method to map myocardial fiber organization. Many studies have been done on myocardial fiber orientation. However, cardiac contraction is also related with myocardial fiber length, but its study is limited so far. The current study aims to provide information of myocardial fiber length distribution in formalin-fixed porcine heart samples. DTI with medium diffusion resolution (15 directions) was performed. Fiber length distribution as a function of fiber helix angle was investigated in multiple short-axis slices located from base to apex of the left ventricles. Results show that longer fibers likely run circumferentially, and fibers located at middle and upper ventricle are generally longer than those near apex. The results provide supplementary structural information on myocardial fiber architecture and cardiac mechanics.