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Abstract #1234

Diffusion weighted imaging in native and transplanted human kidneys at 3T. Initial experience.

Thoeny H, Eisenberger U, Boesch C, Vermathen P
University & Inselspital

In this feasibility study diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) was performed in native kidneys of nine healthy subjects and in two patients with transplanted kidneys using a 3T MR-scanner. One multiple breath-hold and one untriggered DWI measurement was performed in each subject. The study clearly demonstrates that DWI is feasible at 3T and provides reliable results. No substantial improvements for breath-hold scans versus untriggered acquisitions were detected. Currently, DWI at 3T of human kidneys does not provide better results than at 1.5T. Geometric distortions play a minor role, if parallel imaging is employed allowing for short TE times.