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Abstract #1242

Should hip dGEMRIC be performed early or late after the contrast injection?

Tiderius C, Jessel R, Kim Y, Burstein D
Beth Israel Medical Center

Eight asymptomatic volunteers and 4 patients with early OA were imaged with hip dGEMRIC at 30, 65, 100 and 135 minutes after IV Gd-DTPA2- injection. In asymptomatics, T1Gd continued to decline after 65 minutes, whereas T1Gd in patients was low already at 30 min and did not change over time. At all time-points, T1Gd was lower in the patients (p<0.001) with the greatest difference at 30 min due to the wash-in differential. dGEMRIC imaging of the hip at 30 min has the advantages of higher sensitivity and logistical ease, but potentially less specificity to GAG and a higher variability.