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Abstract #1262

A metabolomic study of HIF-2a over-expressed and empty vector 7860 renal tumours using in vivo and in vitro 1H MRS.

Troy H, Chung Y, Madhu B, Biswas S, Stubbs M, Wigfield S, Harris A, Griffiths J
St. George's University of London

We used 1H MRS both in vivo and in vitro (of the tissue extracts) to study the role of HIF-2a in tumour metabolism by measuring metabolites in xenografts grown up from HIF-2a over-expressing renal tumour and empty vector (EV) cells. The HIF-2a over-expressers grew faster than the EV tumours. They had significantly more choline in vivo and more free choline, phosphocholine (PC), taurine, creatine and glucose in vitro and surprisingly had less lactate when compared with EV tumours. We conclude that the faster growing HIF2a over-expressing tumours use a more oxidative metabolism than the slower growing EV tumours.