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Abstract #1267

Concurrent use of in vivo 19F and 31P MRS at 9.4T to monitor the pathway for 5FC conversion to Fluorinated Nucleotides and FUDP-sugars in a Human Glioma Xenograft Treated with Ad5.CMV.CDUPRT/5FC Therapy

Zeng H, Simonenko V, Jiang Y, Ng T
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Concurrent 31P-MRS and 19F studies at high field 9.4T enabled us to determine the fluorinated intermediates and their cytotoxic mechanisms in tumors treated with Ad5.CMV.CD.UPRT/5FC gene therapy. We have shown for the first time the observation of FUDP-sugars in vivo via 31P-MRS. The elevated FUDP-sugars peaks are in consistent with the increasingly accumulated FNuct in glioma tumors observed by in vivo 19F MRS.