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Abstract #1271

Effects of Gd-DTPA on In Vivo 1H MRS Choline Signals Observed in HT-29 xenografts.

Robinson S, Madhu B, Griffiths J
St. George's, University of London,

The impact of contrast agent GD-DTPA on choline signals in HT-29 xenografts grown subcutaneously on nude mice was studied by in vivo 1H MRS. Short echo time spectra by PRESS localization did not show any significant changes in choline peak area. However long echo time spectra revealed significant reduction of choline peak area after the administration of Gd-DTPA. The significant correlation between the choline and water signal intra voxel enhancements indicates a direct contact of choline with the contrast agent, implying that the choline observed in these tumours mostly resides in the interstial and extracellular space.