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Abstract #1285

An automated on-the-fly detection and correction procedure for EPR imaging data acquisition

Ahmad R, Clymer B, Zweier J, Kuppusamy P, Petryakov S, Vikram D, Deng Y
The Ohio State University

In this work, a fully automated procedure to monitor the performance and stability of an EPR system for projection data acquisition is demonstrated. The purpose of this scheme is to ensure that the quality of acquired data is optimum for a given hardware/software configuration. For this purpose, noise contents of each acquired projection are quantified and measured against those of zero-gradient projection which is set as a quality benchmark. The projections containing substantial amount of extra noise as compared to zero-gradient projection are identified. Hence, the proposed technique not only monitors the quality of acquisition effectively but also saves a substantial amount of acquisition time as we are not required to repeat the whole experiment in which only a small fraction of data is damaged.